Thread forming taps (Tru-Flo taps) offer improved thread quality and strength due to the fluteless design, and therefore allows for greater fastener strength in the threaded product. This tap does not cut, so it is “chipless,” and therefore will not cause a chip problem.  This is why thread forming, over thread cutting, eliminates costly and time-consuming chip clean-up and disposal.

Tips for using thread forming taps:

  • Tru-Flo taps operate most efficiently at spindle speeds 1-1/2 to 2 times faster than those recommended for conventional cutting taps, especially in softer materials and/or with fine pitch Tru-Flo taps.
  • As higher speeds are attained, adequate lubrication is essential for prolonged tap life and thread quality.
  • When using Form Taps, the pitch diameter limits recommended to produce different classes of thread differ from those recommended for conventional taps.
  • Since it is more important to “lubricate” the cold forming tap than to “cool” the tap, Tru-Flo taps should be used with conventional lubricating cutting oils or EP (extreme pressure) rated oil.  Soluble oils or similar coolants are not recommended.

Tru-Flo Thread Forming Taps Features

  • Improved thread quality and strength due to fluteless design of tap; allows greater fastener strength in threaded product.
  • Tapping speeds can be increased as much as double that of conventional cutting taps…more tapped holes per hour.
  • Thread forming (over thread cutting) eliminates costly and time-consuming chip clean-up and disposal.
  • Improved tap life, even in abrasive materials…no cutting edges to get dull.
  • Lubrication grooves allow forced passage of air and lubricant when tapping.
  • Simplifies tapping of problematic blind bottoming holes where adequate chip clearance is impossible with chip-producing cutting taps.
  • Available with a variety of surface treatments to optimize tap life and cutting performance.
  • Popular special Tru-Flo sizes shipped in 24-Hours
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