Select one of the PDF documents below to view technical information and recommendations on our threading tools.

Carbide Taps Data PDF

Class of Fit-Classes of Threads and Tap Size Overview (Inch and Metric)

Coatings/Surface Treatments Technical Data

Definition of Tap Terminology and Chamfer Guide

Hook-Rake Angle Guide/Surface Treatments/Cutting Fluids and Speeds

Illustration of Tap Terminology

Metric Conversions

Table Of Speeds For Taps

Tap Marking System

Tap Recommendations for Classes of Thread-Inch

Tap Recommendations for Classes of Thread-Metric

Tap Style Guide and Thread Gages Overview

Tap/Drill Sizes-Inch & Metric with Drill Size Formulas

TruFlo™ Thread Forming Taps Tech. Data

UNJ Thread Form

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