North American Tool Corporation has announced a significant update to their mobile app, ‘Thread Tap App’. The key enhancement is the highly specialized, user-friendly Hole Size Calculator, which can be accessed in the Engineering Data section of the App.

This feature is a very intuitive app that calculates the exact drilled hole size and subsequent closest drill size when tap size and other parameters are entered. When entering tap details, the user can select key categories such as type of tap (Acme, cutting tap, STI tap, form tap, BSW Whitworth); tap size from #00 through 4” diameter; tap pitch (T.P.I.); and required percent of thread.

In addition, the enhanced Hole Size Calculator will provide torque and horsepower recommendations based on the type and size of tap, material being tapped, spindle RPM and tap style used (hand, spiral point, spiral flute).

So, if a user selects:
• The type and size/pitch of a tap;
• Desired percent of thread;
• A material to be tapped such as cast aluminum;
• Machine RPM;
• Style of tap, like spiral flute;

Then, the app will specify recommended torque and required HP for that application.

This functional tap engineering app is more than a hole size calculator in that the user can also achieve torque and horsepower recommendations on most tapping applications.

The desktop version of the latest update is now available for download from North American Tool’s website, Users can access the Windows/Mac update by clicking the “Thread Tap App” link on the website, then clicking the “Desktop Download” button.

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