Spiral point design features an angled cutting face which forces chips forward, ahead of the tap cutting action.

Often called a ‘gun tap’ due to the action of ‘shooting’ chips forward.

  • Spiral point taps are recommended for use in through-hole applications or in blind holes where there is enough clearance beyond the tapped portion to accommodate chip collection.
  • Reduces chip loading in the flutes and prevents thread damage.
  • Allows a free flow of coolant along with the flutes to the cutting edges.
  • The spiral point tap has a shallower flute passage than conventional taps which allows a more cross-sectional area for greater strength, higher tapping speeds, and requires less power to operate.
  • North American Tool spiral point taps are available in many thread forms and styles such as metric sizes and extension taps. Numerous performance-enhancing coatings are available.
  • Special spiral point taps can be designed and manufactured to specific requirements. Consult our customer service team.
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