Metric Taps

Metric Taps

Metric Taps

Metric taps fall under our special tap offerings as they cut internal threads that vary from standards set by the American National Standards Institute. North American Tool manufactures metric taps to Metric DIN or ISO (International Organization of Standards) dimensions, offering 24-hour shipment of Metric Popular Special taps.

Metric-Dimensioned Taps

  • 24-Hour Shipment of Metric Popular Special Taps
  • 10-12 day shipment of Blueprint Special Metric Taps
  • Experienced engineers and thread tool craftsmen provide cost-effective, workable solutions to your metric tap, die and thread gage requirements
  • Value added partnerships with our Industrial Distributors to ensure results for customers using metric tooling

Various types and styles of Metric Taps!

  • ANSI, DIN and ISO-529 dimensioned taps
  • Solid Carbide and Carb-I-Sert
  • Tru-Flo® Thread Forming Taps
  • Cost CutterTM Combined Drill & Tap
  • Coolant-Fed (Oil Hole)
  • Blueprint Specials
  • Extension Taps / Pulley Taps
  • Spiral Point / Spiral Flute
  • Oversize Taps
  • Left-Hand Cut
  • TiN-coat (from stock)

...and other Metric threading tools...

  • Thread Mills
  • Threading Dies
  • Thread Gages

View our Metric Taps flyer here.