North American Tool has a longstanding commitment to quality and service in the production of special taps. Since 1986, we have offered a complete line of made-to-order industrial, metal-cutting taps. Our state-of-the-art equipment, advanced computer systems and experienced associates allow us to manufacture the industry’s best tooling products, including a wide selection of special taps.

What Makes Special Taps Special?

Essentially, a special tap is a cutting tool that cuts internal threads and is  manufactured with specifications that vary from standards defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Whether those variances are in diameter, thread combinations and/or blank dimensions, any tap that deviates from these standards is, by definition, a special tap.

Blank dimensions refer to the steel cylindrical blank from which a tap is manufactured. The manufacture of special taps may also vary from (U.S. or ANSI) standard tap design criteria as it regards thread form and geometry, number of pitches or threads per inch, or any number of design variables. These variables may include left-hand taps, piloted taps and interrupted thread taps, as well as special shank and drive dimensions. In addition, taps manufactured to METRIC DIN or ISO (International Organization of Standards) dimensions are typically considered special taps.

Special Taps Made to Meet Your Requirements

Manufacturing engineers will often specify special thread forms or thread tool designs to meet their design criteria, depending on the product being manufactured. North American Tool can manufacture special taps designed to precisely meet these customer requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet – and exceed – the expectations of every customer. We know that, in most cases, special taps are required for highly specialized applications and, as a result, we adhere to a rigorous design and manufacturing process that ensures that every tap we produce meets the precise specifications outlined by our customers.

Materials and Special Taps

Standard taps are typically manufactured using H.S.S. or high speed steel. However, a special tap may be manufactured from any number of materials, depending on what is best suited to the tapping application at hand.
Special taps are often manufactured from high-quality materials, such as carbide, particle metal steel (PM) or HSS-E (high speed steel ‘exotic') which contains a higher concentration of premium steel alloy such as cobalt or vanadium to add strength to the material. Special taps may also be coated with various tool coatings that can significantly increase their hardness and durability.
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