Pipe Taps

Pipe Taps

Pipe Tap

These taps produce standard straight or tapered pipe threads used in a wide range of pipe connections.

Threaded pipes are used in many applications for the delivery of gases or liquids, often times under pressure. They require precise threads. North American Tool pipe taps are manufactured with the appropriate design variations to cut specified pipe thread forms.

Our pipe taps are made to Table 311 Standard Pipe Tap Dimensions for Straight and Taper taps.

In addition, specials are available with custom design criteria and attributes. North American Tool can also provide round threading dies in pipe thread sizes.

Contact customer service with your specifications or application details. When you’re tapping critical pipe threads, depend on North American Tool for quality service and on-time delivery.

Pipe Tap PDF Downloads:

Pipe Tap Pipe taps are available in numerous thread forms, including:

ANPTAeronautical National Form Taper Pipe Thread Ground thread tap marked NPT)
BSPBritish Standard Pipe
BSPPBritish Standard Pipe (Parallel) Thread
BSPTBritish Standard Taper Pipe Thread
NPSFor tap marking only (See NPSC, NPSM)
NPSCAmerican National Standard Straight Pipe Thread in Pipe Couplings (Tap marked NPS)
NPSFDryseal American National Standard Fuel Internal Straight Pipe Thread
NPSHAmerican National Standard Straight Pipe Thread for Hose Couplings
NPSIDryseal American National Standard Intermediate Internal Straight Pipe Thread
NPSLAmerican National Standard Straight Pipe Thread for Loose Fitting Mechanical Joints with Locknuts
NPSMAmerican National Standard Straight Pipe Threads for Free-Fitting Mechanical Joints for Fixtures (Tap marked NPS)
NPTAmerican National Standard Taper Pipe Thread (See ANPT, NPTR)
NPTFDryseal American National Standard Taper Pipe Thread
NPTRAmerican National Standard Taper Pipe Thread for Railing Joints (Tap marked NPT)
PTFDryseal SAE Short Taper Pipe Thread
SPL-PTFDryseal Special Taper Pipe Thread