Polygon Thread Mills for Multi-Spindle Screw Machines with Threading Attachments

• Premium micro-grain carbide and HSSE construction to fit your needs.
• Optimum quality threads.
• Specials available upon request.
• Can be designed for single or double threaded components, and even deep threaded parts with Acme threads.
• Resharpening of your existing cutters.


• For spindle synchronization at a 1:1 ratio to the part with a controlled feed rate,
allowing polygon thread milling on the machine centers.
• Best suited for multi-spindle, automatic screw machines with polygon mill
threading attachment.
• This milling technique is faster than single point threading, and utilizes directdrive technology from main housing.
• Utilizing a cross-slide mounted threading attachment, you can thread mill parts
with accuracy and versatility in varying thread forms and pitches.
• Manufacture and resharpening available.
• Cutting tools designed, manufactured, and shipped in the U.S.A. to suit your exact
cutting tool requirements.

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