SALES & SERVICE POLICY: North American Tool Corporation will sell only through recognized Industrial Distributors. We will accept direct emergency orders from customers when they agree to send confirming orders to a North American Tool Corporation distributor in their trading area.

TRANSPORTATION & SHIPPING INFORMATION: There are no additional charges for drop shipments. All international orders, unless otherwise specified, will be shipped via International Express Mail.

North American Tool Corporation will not make shipping promises we cannot keep. This means no expediting calls and delayed shipments – at a great loss of time and money to all of us. Standard industry practice is to over or under ship by 10% on ordered quantities of full special tools unless otherwise specified at time of order. QUOTED prices on full special tools also are based on this industry practice, unless exact quantity pricing is requested. Please advise us of any discrepancy in quantity or pricing within 10 days, so that we can correct it promptly.

RETURNED GOODS: We guarantee all of our products to be of the finest quality; manufactured to standard industry tolerances and dimensions, and consistent with your customer’s design criteria and application specifications. Should the need arise to return any cutting tools, please contact us for authorization. A restocking charge may apply.

HOLD FOR RELEASE & BLANKET ORDERS: It is our desire to help our customers with control of costly inventory. We will gladly accept orders for timed release shipments over a reasonable period to satisfy your “just in time” needs. We do consider these firm orders, subject to shipment of all remaining tools at the end of the contract period.

TRIAL TOOLS: Our many years of experience clearly show that test or trial tool orders without a purchase order are rarely followed to final test conclusion. We can both follow results if a purchase order is issued at current price based upon the quantity being tested. If the test is successful, and additional tools are ordered, they will be priced at the larger quantity and the test tools will be credited to that order. Should the test fail, or performance not be as promised, based upon designs and recommendations made by North American Tool Corporation, we will issue credit on the original test tool order.

You can qualify for up to $200.00 in a test tools credit if you provide us with a test report and video of your tooling application.  You must give permission for North American Tool to use video and/or test report on our website or social media platforms. Contact us for details.

 We accept the following credit cards American Express, MasterCard and VISA.

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