North American Tool was founded in 1986, in South Beloit, IL by the father and son team of Kenyon Y. Taylor, a leading industrialist and his son Roger K. Taylor, a recognized marketing strategist. Working in an area of the country known for its strong industrial roots in the manufacturing and metalworking industries, these seasoned veterans of the cutting tool industry had a vision, recognizing a need for a special tooling company to service a growing U.S. market. The company was founded on three simple principles and ideals:

  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Quality Products
  • On Time Shipments

Since it’s inception, North American Tool has become a respected manufacturer of made-to-order cutting tools. The company’s success is based on its strong partnerships with its distributors and customers born out of mutual respect, trust and down-to-earth communication.

Kenyon Taylor had worked in the cutting tool industry for decades, having founded Regal-Beloit Corporation in 1955. His son, Roger, also had numerous years of experience as a sales administration manager at Regal-Beloit. When Kenyon died in 1994, Roger took over North American Tool. Roger passed away in 2004 at which time Curt Lansbery assumed the leadership role.

Today, under the direction of President and CEO Lansbery, North American Tool Corporation is a precision manufacturer of special cutting tools, namely special tapsthreading dies and thread gages. The company continues a strong commitment to quality and service by offering industrial distributors and their customers a line of special, custom-designed cutting tools made by American craftsmen to critical, exacting specifications. Engineered and manufactured with precise attention to detail, North American Tool products are known the world over for unmatched performance.

Lansbery served as one of the first members of the company’s board of directors. Two years later, he joined the Taylors full time stating his decision to join the thriving company was a relatively easy one.

“At the time, I was impressed with the reputation of K.Y. Taylor and what he had accomplished,” said Lansbery, who rose through the ranks and became President and CEO in 2004 when Roger passed away. “I owned a small local business and wanted the opportunity for a broader experience on a more national level.”

“What started as a small, specialty tool producer with an emphasis on threading tools and a goal of 24 hour delivery, has grown into an internationally recognized manufacturer selling products and providing services in 56 countries”, states Lansbery. “The company’s success is attributed to the excellent team of Associates we have in place at North American Tool. We pride ourselves on manufacturing quality tools that are shipped on time with unparalleled customer service.”

The company, located in South Beloit, Illinois, is an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer and applies lean manufacturing and continuous improvement principles throughout the manufacturing and customer service process.