Curt Lansbery has been chosen as a recipient of the ISA’s Golden Eagle Award for his 28 years of valued contributions to the industry.  The award was presented by the President of IBC, Ron Nunez.

 In announcing the award at the IBC National Meeting in Rosemont, IL, Nancy Schwind, Director of Business Development for IBC stated that “Curt has proven to be a leader who has devoted time and resources to develop his team”.  

 Barb Bishop, North American’s Manager of Customer Service, stated; “He is the most respected and caring individual I have ever known. He treats everyone like family, and he encourages each individual to reach their full potential, even if it means their journey to that end takes them elsewhere.”

Phil Samuels, Director of Sales & Marketing for North American Tool said, “Curt has set an example for his company, his community, and the industry demonstrating his leadership, care and concern for all the lives he has touched. It is my good fortune to be a part of his company.”

Through the years, Curt has been committed to the evolution of the company with investment in leading-edge equipment and machinery, processes for constant improvement, development of mobile apps and web-based resources, associate training, and a healthy work environment. All the while, keeping the culture of the company focused on the service aspect of the job. Curt often says, “We are a service company that just happens to manufacture special cutting tools.” 

 About North American Tool

 Founded in 1986, North American is an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer of premium cutting tools – special taps, dies and gages for the industrial marketplace.  Their tools service the automotive, aerospace, agriculture, medical, energy and general manufacturing markets.