North American Tool “CON-DU-IT” for you when you have a thin wall application.

PG Steel Conduit Taps manufactured to DIN 40430 are commonly used for thin wall applications. Typically a conduit type product is where a hose or cable is passed through the center and there is a concern that a standard tap might break through a thin wall.

How is this accomplished? Most standard taps have a 60 degree included angle. The Conduit Tap has an 80 degree included angle. Therefore, the profile of the thread is shorter and is less likely to break a thin wall application. This style of tap is available with a plug or bottom chamfer. The tap conforms to the Table 302 standards, which features a longer thread length as compared to Table 302-A short thread standards.  

Frequently, people who need this tap call and ask if we manufacture a “PG” tap. The nominal sizes are PG7 through PG48 and are metric sizes. The taps may be used to create a new thread. These tools can be applied to repair an existing thread when the manufacturer is notified at the time of order so that the geometry may be modified. Always discuss the application with our sales and engineering team so that we can make the necessary adjustments in the geometry of the tool to accomplish the task you choose.

When a Conduit Tap is used correctly, it creates a thread form that becomes a pressure tight seal with the fittings, pipe or conduit that runs through the coupler. North American also offers 80 degree included angle thread plug gages for these taps.