North American Tool Corporation, a precision manufacturer of special cutting tools – special tapsthreading dies and thread gages – celebrates its thirty year anniversary today.  

North American Tool was founded in 1986, in South Beloit, IL by father and son team, Kenyon Y. Taylor and Roger Taylor, who together recognized a need for a special tooling company to service a growing U.S. market.

Today, the company continues its strong commitment to quality and service by offering customers a full range of custom-designed cutting tools made in the USA, and a technical service department that customers count on for personalized service and quick response.

“This is an exciting time for our organization – we are very fortunate to have had the support of our community and our industry for 30 years,” said North American Tool President and CEO, Curt Lansbery, “We thank our associates, our customers, and our colleagues for their loyalty and dedication.”

The company’s long-running record of success is due to its investment in people, processes, and innovative technologies.  An ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer, North American Tool applies lean manufacturing and continuous improvement principles throughout the manufacturing and customer service process.

Learn more about the history of North American Tool HERE.