Joy Baldwin

Customer Service Associate
A valuable Customer Service Associate since August 2015, Joy brings 22 years of strong sales experience in diverse markets to her role at North American Tool. Her organizational skills and

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Barb Bishop

Procurement Specialist
Barb has held a number of key positions at North American Tool since 1987. She is currently the company's Procurement Specialist. Previously, Barb was the Manager of Customer Service and

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Josette Fillbach

Communications Coordinator
Josette joined the North American Tool Team in 1992, and is dedicated to ensuring each customer's needs are met and their expectations exceeded.  Josette has been deemed "the Voice of

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Anita Graham

Customer Service Associate
Anita joined North American Tool in November of 2008. She has become an integral part of the Customer Service Team and has shown total commitment in developing the skills needed

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Jenny Kuntz

Systems and Accounts Coordinator
Jenny has been a valued Associate at North American Tool since December of 2011. She has been a pivotal team player as supervisor in the Accounting, Data Processing and IT

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Tricia Mascari

Technical Service Associate
Tricia became an integral part of the customer service team on December 3, 2018 as a Technical Service Associate. She has over 20 years of customer service experience, and 11 years

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Sara Rodgers

Sales and Marketing Assistant
Sara joined the North American Tool Team in 2019. She has a background in project management, budgeting, advertising, design, sales and event planning.  With an ever changing economy, she strives

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Lori Sturdevant

Lead Tool Design and Technical Service Associate
Lori began her affiliation with North American Tool Corporation as a Tool Designer just three months after its inception in 1986. She has a Degree in Industrial Engineering, and has gained a

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Bridget Turner

Customer Service and Tool Design Supervisor
Bridget has extensive customer service experience and has worked in manufacturing for over 20 years. She has five years of management experience and has completed numerous courses relative to her

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