Combination Tap and Drills are a unique cost saving tool as two operations are combined into one. They are recommended for through hole applications only. The Drill diameters are set at 65% thread because it is a combination tool.

North American Tool can manufacture as a special with a smaller Drill diameter (75% thread). The Drill point must break thru before the tap portion starts. It is important to verify the drill and thread length on the tool before using.

The stock Cost Cutters are designed for parts with a depth (2) max times (x) the diameter. They can be run at a constant speed, starting at the tapping speed and working towards the drilling speed.  The Feed rate for the Drill section is slower than the feed rate for the tap. The Drill cannot be run at a Feed rate as fast as the tap and the tap cannot be run at a Feed rate as slow as the Drill. The Feed needs to be adjusted after the Drill point breaks thru and before the tap starts.

  • Cost Cutters are designed to perform two operations in one pass.
  • Significantly increases part throughput in production runs.
  • Drill designed with a split point, which eliminates a center-drilling/punching operation.
  • Available as popular specials in inch, metric and pipe sizes; blueprint specials to exact specifications also available.
  • Specify Cost Cutters for unmatched savings and increased production, with tight tolerances.
  • Check out our newly expanded line of ‘QC’ Quick Change hex-drive Cost Cutter sets. See link below.


  • For use on through-hole applications only.
  • Drill point must break through part prior to threading.
  • Stock Cost Cutters are designed to drill and tap ‘through-holes’ up to 2X the nominal diameter.
  • Spindle speeds should be set at normal speed for tapping specific material being machined; as with any tapping operation, a reversing spindle is required.
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