What mobile and Cloud apps are available from North American Tool?

Tap Hole Size Calculator: An invaluable app for tapping applications, the Tap App Calc® is designed for smartphones with a 3-in-1 calculator app featuring a dedicated calculator for recommended hole sizes when tapping various materials, a trigonometry calculator, and a standard calculator for fast and easy on-the-job calculations. The Tap App Calculator is an intuitive app that calculates the exact hole size for tapping applications and subsequent closest drill size when tap size and other parameters are entered. When entering tap details, user can select key categories such as type of tap, tap size and pitch, and required percent of thread. The app also provides torque and horsepower recommendations based on the type and size of tap, material being tapped, spindle RPM and tap style (hand, spiral point, spiral flute). A partner branding program is available with your logo and contact information. Email: solutions@natool.com for more information on co-op branding opportunities. To view our product flyer, click here: http://www.natool.com/sites/default/files/public/documents/tapappcalc_flyer.pdf

Thread Tap App®: Thread Tap App® is an integrated software/’App’ solution that intelligently features the North American Tool catalog sections covering inch sizes, metric sizes and taps made to custom specifications. An intuitive Product Finder allows users fast and effective tool selections including taps, dies and thread gages. Tooling selections are based on parameters such as tool size, material to be machined, coating recommendations, speeds and feeds data, and other pertinent engineering information. The Thread Tap App also features a quote manager function and hole size calculator when specifying tooling for your applications. This app is a complete interactive catalog at your fingertips on Cloud and Mobile platforms. Cloud version works in any web browser, and can be accessed at: threadtapapp.natool.com. The mobile version is available for download at the App Stores. To view our product flyer, click here: http://www.natool.com/sites/default/files/public/documents/thread_tap_app_flyer.pdf

Tap Designer®: Thread Tap Designer® makes custom tap design easy. This app intelligently guides the user through the process of collecting important tap application data. It provides a complete design environment with 2D and 3D visualizations. Expedited quotes can be requested sending all job and design information directly to North American Tool’s customer service and design team. The Tap Designer app is compatible with the iPhone, Android phones, iPad, Android tablets, desktop computers and most devices with a modern internet browser and can be accessed at: designer.natool.com. No software installation is required. A partner branding program is available to registered users with your logo and contact information. Email: solutions@natool.com for more information on co-op branding opportunities. To view our product flyer, click here: http://www.natool.com/sites/default/files/public/documents/app-tap_designer_flyer.pdf