North American Tool Corporation continues a commitment to quality and service by offering you a complete line of blueprint special taps – shipped fast!

Blueprint Special Taps

Our experienced team of cutting tool specialists will provide design expertise or work from your blueprint specifications to manufacture reliable special taps that meet your exact specifications. We can do this in as few as seven days, depending on the specialty of design and quantity ordered.

Our bar steel is available in a broad range of grades and diameters, and is made of top quality High Speed Steel, or material specified to best fit the threading application at hand. Our dedication to quality, rapid shipments and customer service has made North American Tool Corporation the fastest growing producer of special taps, dies and gages.

Our experienced tool designers will provide any design assistance you may require, or can work directly from your blueprint specifications to manufacture special taps that precisely meet your requirements.

The majority of Blueprint Special Taps can be produced from a standard design hardened blank.

There are, however, many tools which have special features requiring they be custom manufactured from bar steel, such as:

  • Special Overall Lengths either in shank, thread length, or piloted
  • Special Shank and Drive dimensions: Morse taper shanks, threaded, whistle-notch
  • Special Flute Design – straight or spiral
  • Holes – drilled, reamed, ground, cross, coolant-hole, through-hole
  • Flats – notches, keyways, necks
  • Tapered thread, including pipe taps
  • Tandem style
  • Combination tools, to eliminate secondary or finish operations
  • Reamer point / Drill point / Core Drill
  • Special Forms & Angles – Acme, buttress, square thread, full form, modified Whitworth form, custom thread form
  • Special steels available, in combination with numerous surface treatment possibilities, depending on application at hand

If you have a special tap application, fill out our Special Taps Test Application Data sheet. After inputting all of your job-specific data, our engineering specialists will contact you with tap recommendations based on your requirements.

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