Cutting Taps vs. Forming Taps

Cutting Taps vs. Forming Taps

A significant majority of the threads produced in manufacturing today are machined with cutting tools: typically taps and thread-mills for the internal threads, and threading dies and thread-mills for the external threads. These tools are the historical standard for this purpose, and a familiar go-to for machinists. As machined materials and applications change with customer demand, alternatives for tooling follow suit. Although both cutting tools and forming tools produce essentially the same thread, and are gaged in the same manner, the requirements for their use, and results achieved, are in many ways different.

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Selecting The Style Of Tap To Use


You need a tap. What information is needed, and how do you choose the right tap for the job?

When you call North American Tool, we will ask for the basic thread description which specifies the diameter, thread pitch or TPI, the Class-of-Fit (for gaging purposes), and the thread type (e.g. 60-degree, Acme, Buttress, Whitworth, Pipe, etc..). All of these features should be called out by the customer, or included on the Part Print.

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British Standard Pipe (BSPP/ BSPT): Whitworth Full Form vs. Modified

Whitworth Threadform

Proposed as a method of thread geometry standardization in the mid 1800’s, Whitworth threads – both Full Form and Modified- feature a 55 degree included angle.  The notable differences in these forms are illustrated in the graphic.

The true specification for 55 degree Whitworth is “full form”, which has a radius crest and radius root on the thread.

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Being Prepared: Hole Preparation Prior to Tapping

Machine Tap

Hole preparation is often a forgotten consideration when threading a part. Depending on the parameters of the application, lack of attention to the size and condition of the hole can contribute greatly to thread size and finish, or the potential failure of the tap.

Holes to be tapped are straight or tapered. They can be cored, drilled, bored, punched, and extruded, all with or without reaming to finished size. Each one of these methods for producing a hole have inherent areas of concern.

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North American Tool Recognizes Lori Sturdevant as 2016 Associate of the Year

Lori Sturdevant

We are proud to recognize Lori Sturdevant as 2016 Associate of the Year.

Lori, Lead Tool Design and Technical Service Associate, began her affiliation with North American Tool Corporation as a Tool Designer just three months after its inception in 1986.

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Our History & Overview

North American Tool was founded in 1986, in South Beloit, IL by the father and son team of Kenyon Y. Taylor, a leading industrialist and his son Roger K. Taylor, a recognized marketing strategist. Working in an area of the country known for its strong industrial roots in the manufacturing and metalworking industries, these seasoned veterans of the cutting tool industry had a vision, recognizing a need for a special tooling company to service a growing U.S. market.

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North American Tool Celebrates 30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

North American Tool Corporation, a precision manufacturer of special cutting tools - special taps, threading dies and thread gages - celebrates its thirty year anniversary today.

North American Tool was founded in 1986, in South Beloit, IL by father and son team, Kenyon Y. Taylor and Roger Taylor, who together recognized a need for a special tooling company to service a growing U.S. market.

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North American Tool Corporation has been named Supplier of the Year by IBC


North American Tool Corporation has been named Supplier of the Year by the Industrial Buyers Consortium (IBC) at the 2015 IBC National Meeting in Rosemont, IL on October 4th.  

Each year, IBC recognizes distributors and suppliers who best represent the dedication, quality, and standards of excellence that customers have come to expect from members of IBC’s marketing group.  The recipient of the Supplier of the Year award is determined by a distributor vote.

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North American Tool Celebrates #MFGDay15


Manufacturing Day is a national celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.  Having teachers and students participate in MFG Day company tours is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn more about careers in manufacturing.

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Meet Phil Samuels, Director of Sales and Marketing

Phil Samuels

North American Tool proudly welcomes Phil Samuels to the North American Tool Team.

Samuels will be responsible for developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies to strengthen and grow the overall performance of North American Tool Corporation (South Beloit, IL), Gaylee Saws and Bitner Tooling Technologies (Sterling Heights, MI), and Allen Benjamin Inc. (South Beloit, IL).

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