Curt Lansbery, President & CEO of North American Tool Corporation, was awarded the 2017 Laurence A. Raymer Headliner Award

Curt Lansbery, President & CEO of North American Tool Corporation, was awarded the 2017 Laurence A. Raymer Headliner Award for distinguished service and achievements in the community by the Beloit (WI) Daily News, at the Beloit Chamber of Commerce 90th Annual Dinner.

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Thread Tap Designer: Making Custom Tap Design Easy!

Thread Tap Designer

Tap Designer makes custom tap design easy.   It intelligently guides the user through the process of collecting important job information. Next, it provides a complete design environment with 2 D and 3D visualizations, and easy to use pick lists. Finally, an expedited quote can be requested, sending all Job and Design information to the North American Tool Design Team with the push of a button.

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North American Tool Releases New Catalog - Feb. 1, 2017

New North American Tool Catalog

North American Tool Corporation has announced the release of their new comprehensive 2017 Special Taps, Dies and Gages catalog. The 132-page color catalog is a complete resource guide for users of industrial tapping and thread tools. 

Featuring popular special and made-to-order taps, threading dies, thread gages and other threading tools in an easy to read format, many of the items can be manufactured and shipped within 24 hours.

The catalog features a comprehensive engineering section relative to taps and threading applications. It also includes an overview of the company’s mobile and cloud apps, including “Thread Tap Designer™” (, “Thread Tap App™” (, and “Tap Hole Size Calculator™” (available at App Stores). These apps provide an array

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Tap Description - Deciphering the Code…

Tap Description - Deciphering the Code…

Many people will first be exposed to threading tool features in the form of a quote request, or order, from a customer. Example: Please quote 6 pieces of a 1"-20 NEF HSS 2B LH GH-3 6-FL PL tap.


Dissected, the customer has defined this tap as one with a "major" or "outside diameter" measuring 1 inch, with 20 threads per inch.


NEF, or National Extra Fine, is a thread-form symbol that refers to a National Standard for this combination of diameter and...

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Acme vs. Trapezoidal Threads - What's the Difference?

Acme vs. Trapezoidal Threads - What's the Difference?

Acme threads appeared sometime in the late 1800's, as an improvement on the square thread form. Square threads were the first choice for motion transfer and heavy loads. But, square threads were difficult to produce with available cutter technology. Although the square form was relatively efficient for the purposes required, it was inherently weak at the base of the thread due to the sharp 90-degree angle of the flank. Modifying the included-angle to 29-degrees widened the base of the thread making it stronger. Over time, standards in Acme diameters and pitches were established, all with Imperial Inches in diameter and Threads-per-Inch units of description.

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North American Tool President, Curt Lansbery, receives ISA’s Golden Eagle Award

Curt Lansbery has been chosen as a recipient of the ISA’s Golden Eagle Award for his 28 years of valued contributions to the industry.  The award was presented by the President of IBC, Ron Nunez.

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North American Tool Celebrates #MFGDAY16

On National Manufacturing Day, American manufacturers open their doors and take up the important work of inspiring our young people to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering. North American Tool was honored to host Beloit Memorial High School for MFG DAY 2016.  Students got to experience the entire tap manufacturing process observing how our associates operate their machines, and the wide variety of products we manufacture. 

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Surface Treatments & Coatings

 Surface treatments and coatings allow us to improve tooling performance when the characteristics of the tool's substrate (base material) have reached the limits of capability. Surface treatments like Oxide and Nitride were among the early arrivals. They addressed the need for added lubrication and surface hardness to improve part finish, reduce or tolerate heat generated by higher machining speeds, and wear-resistance.

 As materials evolved, so did the available treatments to either improve tool performance, or compensate for the challenges those new materials presented to Manufacturing.  Hard coatings like Titanium Nitride (TiN) offered improvements in wear-resistance for HSS tooling. Titanium Carbon-Nitride (TiCN) arrived to compensate for the limitations of TiN, especially in respect to Titanium Alloys. Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN) followed with improved tolerance to heat generated by increasing machining speeds and material resistance to the tool. Each new coating is developed to succeed where another was not well-suited to the application.

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Chasing or Re-threading Tapped Holes

Are you trying to "chase", or clean-up existing internal threads? Use a tap designed for the job at-hand.

When we at North American Tool are informed that a tap is to be used for " re-threading", another term for this task, we always recommend at tap with 0-3 degree Rake for the cutting edge.

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Recipients for Annual Taylor Memorial Scholarship Named

North American Tool Names Recipients of 2016 Taylor Memorial Scholarship

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