All These Flutes...and No Music??

All These Flutes...and No Music??

A question was recently asked,” If Spiral-flute taps will work in both blind and through holes, why do I need a Spiral-point?” Sounds a bit like the lyrics to a sad Country song.


The answer to the question lies in the details of the application. Technically, all flute configurations will make threads in both “through” and “blind” holes. The decision on which is appropriate is based on producing desired chip flow. Chip evacuation is an issue that contributes heavily to the success, or failure of a tap. Also remember that flutes accommodate the volume of coolant or lubricant applied, not just the material chips created in the process. It can get crowded in there!

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From Skinny Jeans to Loose Fit; Taps Have Class of Fit

 From Skinny Jeans to Loose Fit; Taps Have Class of Fit
Imagine you are trying on a new pair of pants. Your waist size dictates the class of fit. You are the bolt. Unfortunately, the likelihood that you find a pair that fits perfectly is rare. Too tight and too loose are immediately obvious. (I know it's a stretch from making threads in metal, but stay with me.) Now imagine that tight is the "Go" gage, and loose is the "No-Go" gage. Anywhere between the two, is acceptable. Maybe not completely comfortable, but acceptable. Thankfully, you have the ability to "fine-tune" the fit. You buy a belt. The notches in the belt are the "H-limit's". The first notch is very close to your waist size. The last notch barely stops your pants from falling down. Every notch in between changes the way you, and your pants, fit together.

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Does This Make my Buttress Look Big? Buttress Threads are Designed to Support or Reinforce.

Does This Make my Buttress Look Big?

The next time you unscrew the cap from your tube of toothpaste, take a look at the threads. They are quite likely Buttress threads. Have you used an adjustable wrench lately? Look at the thumb-screw. Buttress! All this time, right under your nose, was a thread-form that most people think, or know very little about.


Synonyms for "buttress" include; strengthen, reinforce, fortify, and support. The unique geometry of a buttress thread-form fulfills that requirement.

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North American Tool Recognizes Adam Gentry as 2017 Associate of the Year

Adam Gentry, North American Tool's 2017 Associate of the Year

We proudly recognized Adam Gentry as the 2017 Associate of the Year during our Associate Recognition Steak Cookout on April 29, 2017. 

Adam is a long time associate of North American Tool.  He's a stand-up guy who accepts responsibilty and does not make excuses.  He has a joy of learning and wanting to help where help is needed.  He is thoughtful and self-deprecating. 

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Who Knows What Kind of Trouble Lurks in the Darkness?

A "blind" hole is one that is drilled, bored, or cast to a specific depth without breaking through to the other side of the workpiece. Unless you are Superman, daylight will not be visible when looking into a blind hole.

If you search the Web for solutions to problems experienced while tapping blind-holes, you will find more suggestions than you can shake a tap at. Perhaps it's simpler to start with the basics, and formulate options from there.

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24 Hr Shipments, Right?

24 Hr Shipments, Right?

Do you ever wonder what's involved when you order a Special tap? What determines whether you are quoted 24-hours to manufacture, or 3 weeks?

Every company has developed processes for successful completion of the sale of goods or services. At North American Tool, our focus on quick delivery of special tools, in relatively small quantities, requires those processes to be efficient to the max. Customers today expect a quality product sold at a fair market price, delivered to them yesterday! The demands are the same no matter your place in the chain.

A significant percentage of orders can be satisfied by our inventory of “Popular Specials”. Those are non-industry standard tools that have shown a history of regular use by a wide range of customers. These products have EDP numbers, and are listed by size in our catalog, both printed and interactive on-line from our website. Depending on quantity ordered and available stock, those items are able to ship Same-Day.

Curt Lansbery, President & CEO of North American Tool Corporation, was awarded the 2017 Laurence A. Raymer Headliner Award

Curt Lansbery, President & CEO of North American Tool Corporation, was awarded the 2017 Laurence A. Raymer Headliner Award for distinguished service and achievements in the community by the Beloit (WI) Daily News, at the Beloit Chamber of Commerce 90th Annual Dinner.

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Thread Tap Designer: Making Custom Tap Design Easy!

Thread Tap Designer

Tap Designer makes custom tap design easy.   It intelligently guides the user through the process of collecting important job information. Next, it provides a complete design environment with 2 D and 3D visualizations, and easy to use pick lists. Finally, an expedited quote can be requested, sending all Job and Design information to the North American Tool Design Team with the push of a button.

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North American Tool Releases New Catalog - Feb. 1, 2017

New North American Tool Catalog

North American Tool Corporation has announced the release of their new comprehensive 2017 Special Taps, Dies and Gages catalog. The 132-page color catalog is a complete resource guide for users of industrial tapping and thread tools. 

Featuring popular special and made-to-order taps, threading dies, thread gages and other threading tools in an easy to read format, many of the items can be manufactured and shipped within 24 hours.

The catalog features a comprehensive engineering section relative to taps and threading applications. It also includes an overview of the company’s mobile and cloud apps, including “Thread Tap Designer™” (, “Thread Tap App™” (, and “Tap Hole Size Calculator™” (available at App Stores). These apps provide an array

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Tap Description - Deciphering the Code…

Tap Description - Deciphering the Code…

Many people will first be exposed to threading tool features in the form of a quote request, or order, from a customer. Example: Please quote 6 pieces of a 1"-20 NEF HSS 2B LH GH-3 6-FL PL tap.


Dissected, the customer has defined this tap as one with a "major" or "outside diameter" measuring 1 inch, with 20 threads per inch.


NEF, or National Extra Fine, is a thread-form symbol that refers to a National Standard for this combination of diameter and...

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