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Thread Mills Designed For Aluminum? It's as if we knew aluminum was ubiquitous in the machining world!

Thread Mills Designed For Aluminum

If you have a shop (or a customer) that machines aluminum and aluminum alloys as its go-to substrate, why are you selling/buying general purpose tools?

You are working with the most popular-to-machine material.  How does your company stand out from your competitors who machine aluminum?  

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The Right Tool For The Job - Why do exotic materials require a different thread mill?

Exotic Thread Mill

If you deal with exotic alloys like Inconel, titanium, Hastelloy, etc., this blog post is written especially for you.

Exotic alloys are alloys designed for high temperature applications (think aerospace), perform in corrosive environments (think underground), or have the highest strength to weight ratios (think earth moving applications). The machinability of these materials is NOT the first consideration. As much as it would be nice to have an aluminum firewall in a helicopter from the machinist’s viewpoint, as the pilot or passenger you want flame retardant and strong.

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Why Is The Premier Manufacturer Of Special Taps Making "Treadmills"? Taps vs. Thread Mills: Things To Consider When Choosing A Tool

Special Taps

Treadmills? If you Google Thread Mills they will offer to “correct” your search to treadmills. Only in the last two months has Google caught on to the term “thread mills” and begun to return websites offering this tool. Google still features a picture of a treadmill to remind you of your potential spelling error.

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North American Tool Corporation Introduces New Line of Standard Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Solid Carbide Thread Mills

North American Tool Corporation has introduced a new line of standard solid carbide thread mills. These thread mills feature a helical flute design and are manufactured from premium micro-grain carbide for increased life and improved thread quality in a variety of materials.

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