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North American Tool "CON-DU-IT" for you!

Rosie the Riveter

North American Tool “CON-DU-IT” for you when you have a thin wall application.

PG Steel Conduit Taps manufactured to DIN 40430 are commonly used for thin wall applications. Typically a conduit type product is where a hose or cable is passed through the center and there is a concern that a standard tap might break through a thin wall.

How is this accomplished? 

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North American Tool Announces 2018-2019 Taylor Memorial Scholarship Recipients

North American Tool

Roger and K.Y. Taylor, founders of North American Tool Corporation, had great affection for all the people that worked with them. They were greatly interested in the joys as well as the sorrows in their lives. There was no greater joy than a new life, a baby. Through the many family activities of the company, Roger and K.Y. kept in touch with these young people as they matured.

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North American Tool President, Curt Lansbery, receives ISA’s Golden Eagle Award

Curt Lansbery has been chosen as a recipient of the ISA’s Golden Eagle Award for his 28 years of valued contributions to the industry.  The award was presented by the President of IBC, Ron Nunez.

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North American Tool Celebrates #MFGDAY16

On National Manufacturing Day, American manufacturers open their doors and take up the important work of inspiring our young people to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering. North American Tool was honored to host Beloit Memorial High School for MFG DAY 2016.  Students got to experience the entire tap manufacturing process observing how our associates operate their machines, and the wide variety of products we manufacture. 

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Our History & Overview

North American Tool was founded in 1986, in South Beloit, IL by the father and son team of Kenyon Y. Taylor, a leading industrialist and his son Roger K. Taylor, a recognized marketing strategist. Working in an area of the country known for its strong industrial roots in the manufacturing and metalworking industries, these seasoned veterans of the cutting tool industry had a vision, recognizing a need for a special tooling company to service a growing U.S. market.

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North American Tool Celebrates 30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

North American Tool Corporation, a precision manufacturer of special cutting tools - special taps, threading dies and thread gages - celebrates its thirty year anniversary today.

North American Tool was founded in 1986, in South Beloit, IL by father and son team, Kenyon Y. Taylor and Roger Taylor, who together recognized a need for a special tooling company to service a growing U.S. market.

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What’s so Special about Taps Made in USA?

Special Taps Made in USA

“Made in USA” is not just a slogan—it’s a way of life at North American Tool.  Our entire organization is dedicated to producing specialty cutting tools held to high American standards of quality; a level of quality that our Distributors request and their customers demand.

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North American Tool to Exhibit at IMTS 2014

Tap Hole Size Calculator

North American Tool Corporation will display their line of made-to-order special taps and popular special taps at the 2014 IMTS Show - Booth W-2474 in the Tooling Pavilion. At this year’s show, the company will feature its newly released Tap Hole Size Calculator, a mobile app for smartphones.

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Lori Sturdevant Promoted to Lead Tool Design and Technical Service Associate

Lori Sturdevant

North American Tool Corporation has announced the promotion of Lori Sturdevant to Lead Tool Design and Technical Service Associate.

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Thread Tap App Update Features Intuitive Hole Size Calculator

Hole Size Calculator

North American Tool has announced a significant upgrade to their Thread Tap App with the introduction of a powerful, fully featured Hole Size Calculator.

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