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Tandem Taps - Where You Lead, I Will Follow

Tandem Taps - Where You Lead, I Will Follow

Tandem, originates from the Latin meaning “at length”, first seen in modern language in the late 18th Century to describe any two things working together, “in tandem”.


Close your eyes and say the word “Tandem”. What do you see? A bicycle built for two? A stroller made for two children? What about a semi-truck pulling two trailers down the highway? The more adventurous might envision a tandem sky-dive or a 2-person kayak.


For this blog, I will concentrate on Tandem Taps. This may not sound as fascinating as the examples already shared, but some knowledge is worth the pain. Tandem taps are a special type of tap that includes two or more threaded sections for creating internal threads.

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SPECIAL TAPS = Solutions at the Highest Level

SPECIAL TAPS = Solutions at the Highest Level

First Level Solution

Standard taps have features that satisfy most applications. They are “General-Purpose” taps for this reason. Dimensionally, they try to hit the sweet spot, and check most of the common boxes.  Shanks and squares are accommodated by standard tool holders. The lengths of the tool, and length of thread, are sufficient for most set-ups and part requirements for depth of thread. Pitch-diameters are safely above the Go Gage to produce the specified Class-of-Fit for finished thread, and still distant enough from the “No-Go” to avoid any risk of producing oversized thread. Easy, in a cookie-cutter world, but not always that simple.

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Thread Tap Designer: Making Custom Tap Design Easy!

Thread Tap Designer

Tap Designer makes custom tap design easy.   It intelligently guides the user through the process of collecting important job information. Next, it provides a complete design environment with 2 D and 3D visualizations, and easy to use pick lists. Finally, an expedited quote can be requested, sending all Job and Design information to the North American Tool Design Team with the push of a button.

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