The acme thread, with a 29 degree included angle, is also used in presses, jacks, valves or other mechanisms that move heavy loads. Because of the severity and nature of the cut needed to produce acme threads, North American Tool employs specialized engineering and design to manufacture its Acme Thread Taps.

A Trapezoidal Tap is the metric equivalent of Acme Taps but has a 30-degree included angle.

Acme and Trapezoidal Taps from North American Tool

  • Includes Modified Square Thread & Special Acmes
  • North American Tool Corporation offers a wide array of Acme / Trapezoidal thread taps, as well as modified and special thread form taps…shipped fast.
  • Standard, General Purpose Acme Taps (2G Class of Fit)
  • Special Acme Taps (to Table 302 Blank Dimensions)
  • Acme Tap Sets (Roughing, Semi-Finishing, Finishing)
  • Tandem Style Acme Taps (Roughing/Finishing in One Pass)
  • Stub Acme
  • Modified Square Thread
  • Buttress Thread Taps
  • Ball Screw Taps
An Acme Thread Tap creates a trapezoid-shaped thread used for rotary and motion transfer on machines.
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