Do you ever wonder what’s involved when you order a Special tap? What determines whether you are quoted 24-hours to manufacture, or 3 weeks?

Every company has developed processes for successful completion of the sale of goods or services. At North American Tool, our focus on quick delivery of special tools, in relatively small quantities, requires those processes to be efficient to the max. Customers today expect a quality product sold at a fair market price, delivered to them yesterday! The demands are the same no matter your place in the chain.

A significant percentage of orders can be satisfied by our inventory of “Popular Specials”. Those are non-industry standard tools that have shown a history of regular use by a wide range of customers. These products have EDP numbers, and are listed by size in our catalog, both printed and interactive on-line from our website. Depending on quantity ordered and available stock, those items are able to ship Same-Day.

Also in inventory are semi-finished blanks. These blanks are made to Industry Standard ANSI dimensions, and allow North American Tool to offer the fastest turnaround in the industry on out-of-stock Popular Specials, and “not-so-popular specials” that can utilize a standard blank. Blanks can be fluted or un-fluted, and have already been heat-treated. The more finished the blank, the fewer following operations needed to complete a finished tap as required. Those additional operations include finish OD grind, threading, spiral-pointing (if required), chamfering, cleaning, marking, and packaging. Depending on size and quantity, specials made from blanks can be completed in 24-48 hours. Taps that require a fluting operation or special grinds will require more time.

Specials that are not suited for the dimensions of a standard blank are referred to as “Bar-steel Specials”. These taps begin in a “soft” state from a piece of bar-stock. Operations including, but not limited to, cut-off, turning, milling, and heat-treat are required to reach the same production stage as a semi-finished blank. Often, special features like coolant-holes, pilots and notches are completed in these early stages. Manufacturing time for most Bar-steel specials is 10-15 work days. Once again, size and quantity ordered may be a factor.

The addition of surface-treatments and coatings will add to the performance of the tap in specific applications, but you must allow time for the additional process. 

Quoted delivery is not a random decision made on the spur of the moment. The processes for completion of an order are known by all at North American Tool, and proven by years of experience in manufacturing and service to the customer.

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